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Parents Role

  • Enrich English language development through vocabulary and reading at home each day.

  • Support and encourage your child by celebrating his/her accomplishments.

  • Seek out opportunities to use Spanish language skills outside of school.

  • Volunteer as a classroom helper--the ability to speak Spanish is not required.

  • Parents do not need to speak Spanish for their child to be successful in the Spanish Immersion Program

Immersion Continues to our Feeder Schools

Did you know our immersion program carries through to Eagleview Middle School and Air Academy High School.

Immersion, what does the research say?

According to the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL), learning a language immersion improves flexible thinking, encourages cross-cultural friendship, increases job opportunities and more. Immersion Research

Instruction for Immersion Classes

Each grade level has a routine for instruction regarding Spanish immersion. Some subjects may be entirely in Spanish while others may be split between Spanish and English. More about immersion in the classroom.