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Foothills Elementary is a phenomenal school! I am a past educator and licensed social worker who has worked in schools for over a decade...and I can't say enough good things about this school, the administration, teachers, facilities, curriculum, and their dedication to social and emotional learning. From the moment we first spoke with the front desk, we were impressed with their family-centered approach and dedication to student learning. Our son is also learning Spanish and having wonderful experiences in the STEAM classes. The Principal and Assistant Principal really go above and beyond to support students and families. Overall, this is a welcoming and warm school that will support your student!

The Foothills community is like a family to us. Our daughter enjoys school and the staff has made her feel special and loved. We have also been extremely happy with the educational experience our daughter has received. Her teachers have been knowledgeable and we very much value their expertise. The principal and assistant principal are approachable, helpful and deeply care about their students and families. We love Foothills!

We have been very happy with our children's experience at Foothills Elementary. Every teacher they have had has been caring, communicative, and supportive of their whole person. They have been cognizant of their academic abilities, and have differentiated as needed. Foothills has hosted a variety of community events designed to allow parents an opportunity to participate in the culture and community that they have built. One of the unique highlights was their annual STEAM night, where they partner with teachers, parents, and community members to allow students to experience a variety of STEM experiences such as virtual reality, cave simulations, and science experiments. This school has an active community garden that the students use for real world lessons. They also have each grade level perform a short musical program, where parents can see all the skills their students have been working on. Our children have also experienced a variety of field trips that have clear ties to community building and academic standards. We couldn't have asked for a better experience.

We have had the privilege of having two children attend Foothills elementary. Our daughter was the first. Our daughter is a very typical learner and requires very little intervention or additional help from teachers and staff. With that said, she always felt safe, supported and came home happy from Foothills. With our daughter now well into middle school it is obvious that Foothills was great at building a sound educational foundation. Our second child is a very nontypical learner. He requires a tremendous amount of help and support. The staff goes out of their way to help and bring many different solutions and support to our son. Foothills treats our kids like family and consistently put our kids' development and success at the forefront of their focus. Foothills is full of fun and learning opportunities that will create great adults and students. I cannot imagine any school doing a better job than Foothills in the support of both typical and non-typical students. Their Principals, Teachers and Assistant all show that their students are their top priority.

I am thrilled to share my positive experience with Foothills. From the moment my children enrolled, it has been a truly supportive and nurturing environment. The teachers have gone above and beyond, providing a loving and supportive atmosphere that has greatly impacted my children's learning journey. They have created a safe space where my children feel valued and encouraged to explore their potential. What stands out is the exceptional involvement of the vice principal and principal in the students' lives. They make a genuine effort to know each child by name and establish a personal connection. Their accessibility and willingness to listen and address parents' concerns have been remarkable. I have always found them approachable, making it easy to discuss any issues or share feedback. The dedication and commitment of the staff at Foothills have made a lasting impression on my family. My children have developed a deep fondness and respect for their teachers, which is a testament to the positive impact these educators have had on their lives. I wholeheartedly recommend Foothills to any parent seeking a school that prioritizes both academic excellence and emotional well-being. The caring and supportive environment, along with the strong leadership, make it an ideal place for children to learn, grow, and thrive.