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Mrs. Saisi.jpgMrs. Saisi  (SAY - SEE) 

School Counselor 



 Dear Foothills Elementary Families,

 For those of you who are new to Foothills Elementary (FHE), "Welcome to your new school!"   If you are returning to FHE "Welcome back!"  I am Valerie Saisi, the School Counselor and I am excited to be back at FHE for my second year.  My last name is pronounced SAY-SEE.  I love being a School Counselor and having the opportunity to work with students, families, and teachers each day.

 This year the FHE School Counseling program will concentrate on a "Caring School Climate" by using a proactive preventative program that focuses on all students and building a stronger school culture.  The hope is to emphasize behaviors that cultivate and support Academy District 20's –10 core Character Traits with a strong focus on respect, friendship, individuality, and compassion.  In order to prevent such behaviors such as aggression, bullying, violence, and relational aggression, we must teach our students to cultivate empathy and courage, to think about the feelings of others, respect themselves and others, and stand up for their own rights and the rights of others. 

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I encourage you to click on the link bellow to sign up to receive my weekly emails with the counseling focus of the week.  I will be sending home paper copies for the first month of school, but after that I will only email a copy to the parents that have signed up to receive my "Counseling Connection" information.  I believe it is important for parents, teachers, and the School Counselor to work together on developing character in our students.  Think of it as a loop and by all of us working together we will close the loop and cultivate a caring community.   


If you have a specific concern about your child that may impact their school success, please give me a call to set up an appointment. I only meet with parents by appointment because I have a class schedule and I may not be available for a drop in meeting.   You can reach me at (719) 234-4526.  I do not answer the phone when I am with a student or in a class, so please leave me a voice mail.  You may also send me an email: valerie.saisi@asd20.org


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