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Fun presentations that teach our High Five rules for the different areas of the school:


Classroom  ​

​      Assembly 



Fire Drill 
Parking Lot
  All the presentations were created by Foothills PBIS Team.


The Foothills Positive Behavior Interventions and Support (PBIS) High Five program is a school-wide discipline program adopted in 2005-2006. This school-wide Positive Behavior Support program provides “a broad range of systemic and individualized strategies for achieving important social and learning outcomes while preventing problem behavior with all students,” as stated by the Colorado PBIS Initiative.

Twice a year, Foothills students and staff participate in a formal school-wide training on the PBIS teaching matrix. However, every day teachers re-teach and reinforce the PBIS expectations. In 2005, the PBIS team determined that students and staff needed clear rules and expectations for the following settings: classroom, assembly, bus, cafeteria, hallways/stairwells, office and playground. The team developed a teaching matrix that is used consistently across the school.

Students are awarded PRIDE punches on their PRIDE cards for being “caught” following the High Five rules. Once students receive 20 punches, or a full PRIDE card, they come to the office with their PRIDE card and passport. In the office the students are greeted joyfully by the administration. The students recite the High Five rules, receive a pencil, a High Five stamp in their passport, a sticker for their High Five hand that is located by their classroom door and sometimes an educational surprise. Many times students share reasons for receiving their PRIDE punches.

To record the number of complete PRIDE cards, students’ passports are stamped and students receive a sticker for their High Five hands located on/near the classroom door. Once students have completed five PRIDE cards, they come to the office, recite the High Five rules and receive a complimentary T-shirt displaying the school name and the High Five expectations.

"Foothills High Five" Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the "High Five"?

A: The "High Five" is our Positive Behavior Support System:

·Be Safe
·Be Responsible
·Be Respectful
·Be Honest
·Be Your Best
It is a positive way to state our expectations of our students' behaviors. We want to catch kids being good and increase positive behavior at Foothills.

Q Why do we have posters all over the school related to the "High Five?"

A: We want to be very clear with our students about what we expect so they have a good chance of following the rules. We even teach the students directly how to follow the rules in different areas of the school. Then we recognize them by punching their PRIDE cards when they follow the rules. Five filled PRIDE cards earn a High Five tee shirt. Ten filled PRIDE cards earn "Principal for an Hour."

Q. How can I support my child and the staff with the "High Five" program?

A: Review the "High Five" with your child and make sure he/she knows it. Give examples of behavior in the classroom, hallway, lunchroom, or playground and ask which behaviors demonstrate following the "High Five" and which would not.