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Welcome to Foothills Library





8:45 - 3:45


 The Foothills IMC offers the following opportunities for students:

     - A comfortable environment 

     - Students may take Accelerated Reader tests 

    -  Help in finding reference materials 


Scholastics Book fair -

October 15-18, 2018

Mon-Tue 8:00-4:00;  Wed-Thurs 8:00-8:00


PBIS HI 5 Rules in the library:

     Be Safe:  No running, no food, drink, or candy, no toys or  trading cards allowed.

      Be Respectful:  Please use inside voices, please wait your turn to talk, and please help keep the library neat and clean.

     Be Responsible:  Check out grade level appropriate books, take care of the library book when it is in your possession, return books on time, and  pay for lost or damaged books.

     Be Honest:  Only use libary for what it is intended, use the library for AR tests, reading, taking classroom tests, and please don't stay in the library if an adult is not present.

     Be Your Best:  This is your library, please come often and enjoy it!

 Book checkout -

The Foothills IMC has a semi-flexible schedule that allows students to check out books during the school week.

      - Kindergarten through Second grade - 1 book for 1 week.

      -  Third and Fourth grade - 2 books for 2 weeks

      -  Fifth grade - 3 books for 2 weeks


      -  Students are responsible for the books that they check out.  We have talked about the care and handling of the books plus the checkout procedures.

      -  Due dates are stamped inside the front cover of the book.  Students with overdue books may not be allowed to check out another book until they have returned their overdue one.  Books may be renewed but the book needs to be brought in to be renewed and restamped.

     -  We do not charge overdue fines for late books, however, if a book is missing or damaged the cost of the book will be charged.

 Battle of the Books
Some fourth and fifth grade students participate in the Pikes Peak Regional Battle of the Books competition in the Spring.


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