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Welcome to Foothills Library

It’s that time of year again. We will be hosting our second book fair of the school year.  The two books fairs we host each year are our only source of income for the library.  By supporting the book fair you are supporting all the amazing things we do! The proceeds from the book fair will help buy LittleBits Circuits for the MakerSpace, new reading chairs for students in the library, and the purchase of new books for our very outdated library collection.  Every little bit helps!

Our Scholastic Book Fair is scheduled for 3/16-3/19 and we are excited to offer this educational experience to our students. The theme this year is the Jungle Book Fair! We invite your entire family to participate by visiting us during Book Fair week. You and your child will get the chance to purchase bestsellers, Newbery and Caldecott Medal-winning books, Spanish books, chapter books, picture books, and hundreds of other items only available at the Scholastic Book Fair.

Online Store

Great News Everyone, Our book fair has gone digital. Now you can still get all the amazing new books from our book fair shipped directly to your home. Customers will enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all book-only orders over $25. The best thing about this book fair the school will receive a percentage of the profits to help us buy more books for our school library and MakerSpace. The online book fair will be available until May 25th!

This is our main source of income for the school library, so please consider supporting the library and enjoy your new books!

Jungle Book Fair Online

Be sure to support us on Social Media! #FHEMakerSpace

With all the exciting things happening in both the MakerSpace and Library this year,  I would love to share these amazing accomplishments with our community, parents, and other teachers to help inspire a love for learning.  You can help support these groundbreaking programs by following and sharing our social media pages.  There is a blog and Facebook page dedicated to the MakerSpace and Library Programs.  I also use the hashtag #FHEMakerSpace with a lot of my posts.  Check out these pages, share them, talk about them, and together we can make our school a place students are eager to attend.


PBIS HI 5 Rules in the library:

     Be Safe:  No running, no food, drink, or candy, no toys or trading cards allowed.

      Be Respectful:  Please use inside voices, please wait your turn to talk, and please help keep the library neat and clean.

     Be Responsible:  Check out grade-level appropriate books, take care of the library book when it is in your possession, return books on time, and pay for lost or damaged books.

     Be Honest:  Only use the library for what it is intended, use the library for AR tests, reading, taking classroom tests, and please don't stay in the library if an adult is not present.

     Be Your Best:  This is your library, please come often and enjoy it!