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Welcome to Foothills Library

There is a new librarian in town--Que western music--that means we are ushering in an era of changes.  Digital Learning Coach, Janeal Ironside, has taken on the task of running our MakerSpace/Technology Program along with the Library.  With the success of creating one of the most advanced elementary MakerSpaces in the state Sir Ironside is using the lessons she has learned to modernize the library. 


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Library Goals

The first phase of modernizing the library was to create a self sustaining environment where students were excited to attend.  If you would like to learn more please read "Algorithms and Books how they inspire us."  The next phase, is to address our collections themselves.  All of the proceeds from the book fair will be dedicated to purchasing graphic novels for the library.  We are also reorganizing the library to be organized by genres.  The vision is to have posters labeling the different sections with kid friendly pictures.  Then that same picture will be on stickers on the spine of each of the books.  Making the library more kid friendly and visual for early readers to find books.  Organizing based on genres helps students find books they are interested in and sparks conversations about the stories instead of the physical book itself.

This project will take a lot of steps and help to get done.  The goal is to have the library reorganized before students leave for winter break.  Parents we would love your help and support.  Please reach out to Janeal Ironside - janeal.tyler@asd20.org -  if you are interested in getting involved with this project.

Computer Science Goals

The MakerSpace is going strong.  Two years ago we had a lot of success writing grants and getting some really great tools to use.  Currently we have a classroom set of ozobots, the original lego mindstorms, one 3D printer, and a few other items.  The goal this year is to get more updated lego robotics, circuits, and other items to help teach coding and the hardware applications of technology.  We are also creating a new black light and green screen unit for students to learn about technology and art integration.  With Foothills being a STEAM school it is important to have plenty of tools that line up with our standards.  Sir Ironside is working with CDE and several schools around the state to develop a strong technology integration program that will lead the way for other schools to follow.  We are focusing on having a special project for each grade level that is unique, exciting, and fits into their curriculum.

There are plenty of ways to help support this program from grant writing, to prep work, if you would like to volunteer please contact Janeal Ironside - janeal.tyler@asd20.org.

With all the exciting things happening in both the MakerSpace and Library this year,  Sir Ironside would love to share these amazing accomplishments with our community, parents, and other teachers to help inspire a love for learning.  You can help support these ground breaking programs by following and sharing our social media pages.  There is a blog and facebook page dedicated to the MakerSpace and Library Programs.  Sir Ironside also uses the hashtag #FHEMakerSpace with a lot of her posts.  Check out these pages, share them, talk about them, and together we can make our school a place students are eager to attend.

Library Schedules




8:45 - 3:45

Week of:

9/30 - 10/4

10/7 - 10/11

10/14 - 10/18

10/21 - 10/25

10/28 - 11/1

11/4 - 11/8

11/11 - 11/15

11/18 -11/22

Monthly Themes

October - Scary Stories

November - Veterans and our Community

December - Winter Wonderland

Learning Units and Lesson Objectives

Algorithms and Books how they inspire us

Video Game Details - Hour of Code

Coding Vocabulary

Google Earth Unit

Google Earth and Books

Google Earth, Veterans, and How We are All Connected

Asking Powerful Questions with Google Earth

PBIS HI 5 Rules in the library:

     Be Safe:  No running, no food, drink, or candy, no toys or  trading cards allowed.

      Be Respectful:  Please use inside voices, please wait your turn to talk, and please help keep the library neat and clean.

     Be Responsible:  Check out grade level appropriate books, take care of the library book when it is in your possession, return books on time, and  pay for lost or damaged books.

     Be Honest:  Only use libary for what it is intended, use the library for AR tests, reading, taking classroom tests, and please don't stay in the library if an adult is not present.

     Be Your Best:  This is your library, please come often and enjoy it!