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Your resource for research


From books to the world wide web (www) this page will have everything you need!


How to Check for Trustworthy Websites:


.com – “company” – anybody can make that website.



.org – “organization” – more trustworthy than .com



.edu – “education” – colleges, schools, very trustworthy



.gov – “government” – Official government websites very trustworthy



#1 Web Research Rule: Do other sites agree?


        Yes – then you can trust the site


        No – Don’t use that site


What to write down for online sources:

URL (Web address) - That is the information found in the white bar across the top of the page.  For example: http://www.asd20.org/Schools/fhe

Author - The person or organization who wrote the information.  You may not always find this

Title of Site - That is what to over all site is called.  For example, the title of this site is: Foothills Elementary

Title of the Article - That is the title of the specific page you got your information from.  For example, the title of the this page is, "Learn - Your Resource for Research"

Date you looked at the site

Kid Friendly Databases (search engines):

Database - A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated.


Discovery Education

World Book Online For Kids

When accessing World Book at home it will ask for a log in.  The username and password are both asd20home